African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights Orders Provisional Measures Against Libya

Human Rights Watch reports tonight (Canberra time) that the African Human Rights Court has issued its first ruling — an Order for Provisional Measures against Libya.  The Order his here.  The joint application by the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, INTERIGHTS and Human Rights Watch (HRW) to the African Commission is here.  The HRW press release recounts:

In its pioneering decision, issued on March 25, 2011, and published on March 30, the court unanimously ordered Libya to end any actions that would cause the loss of life or violation of anyone’s “physical integrity” in violation of international human rights law. The ruling is binding on Libya, which is required to report back to the court in 15 days on the steps it has taken to carry out the ruling. “The African Court’s first ruling is a key moment for the protection of human rights in Africa,” said Clive Baldwin, senior legal adviser at Human Rights Watch. “The African Union should now ensure that Libya quickly abides by its first ruling.”

EIPR, Human Rights Watch, and Interights initiated a case against Libya at the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights on February 28, based on allegations that numerous human rights violations had occurred from February 16 onward. These included killings by state security forces of people participating in largely peaceful protests and efforts to shut down the internet, stifle communication, and exclude foreign journalists from the country.


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