Application of the Interim Accord of 13 September 1995 (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia v. Greece): Live webcast of the public hearings Monday 21 to Wednesday 30 March 2011

ICJ Media Advisory (click here from ICJ Press Release)

The public hearings in the case concerning Application of the Interim Accord of 13 September 1995 (the former  Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia v. Greece), which will be held from Monday 21 March to Wednesday 30 March 2011  will be broadcast live and in full (in the official languages of the Court:  English and French) on the Court’s website (, via the “multimedia” link (see full schedule of hearings in Press Release 2011/4).  Those later wishing to access the recorded webcast of the hearings are invited to click on the temporary “Video On Demand” (VOD) link featured on the Court’s website.  This link will be deactivated three months after the final day of hearings (midnight on 30 June 2011).


Verbatim records of the hearings will be published daily on the Court’s website, with translations to follow as soon as practicable thereafter.  On the final day of the hearings, a Press Release presenting the final submissions of the Parties will be handed out and posted online.

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