Australian Sidoarjo Assistance Project (ASAP) Launch

Siring, Jatirejo, Renokenongo, Kedungbendo and Besuki villages have been devestated by the Lapindo Brantas Mudflow. The impact of the Lapindo mudflow continues to expand.

Sarah Rennie, a former International Environmental Law student of mine, has asked me to distribute the following message to my networks. Sarah has been instrumental in driving this from the Australian side. WAHLI (the Indonesian Forum for the Environment) instituted proceedings in 2007, details of which can be found at: If you are going to be in Canberra on 1 June, please come along.

ASAP and Sarah write:

How would you feel if one morning you woke up to find your home buried beneath a sea of hot mud? How would you feel if you received no compensation from your government or an Australian mining company involved in the mud-flow disaster? How would you feel if you were born in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, and this mud-flow nightmare was your everyday reality? You’d want to do something about it… wouldn’t you? This is your chance: join in our Australian fundraising launch to help bring an end to the human suffering in Sidoarjo.

Australian Sidoarjo Assistance Project Launch
Sunday 1 June from 1-4 pm @ The Front, Lyneham
Jitwam Sinha, Spartak, Jonathan Cohen, Chris Nivin and more to be announced!
Donation Entry
Make a difference: ASAP!


On the 28th of May 2006, a gas explosion occurred at the site of drilling activities conducted by exploration company Lapindo Brantas in the densely populated district of Sidoarjo, East Java. The explosion caused over 100,000m3 of mud to flow from the earth every day. Now, two years later, the mud-flow continues, displacing up to 50,000 people. The mud flow has left thousands un-employed with inadequate access to food and safe water and living in crowded refugee camps.
Lapindo Brantas, of which Australian mining company Santos has an 18% share, has denied liability in connection to the disaster. The victims of the mudflow have received little national or international assistance. They have fallen in the void between government and corporate responsibility… who is going to pull them out?

ASAP works to achieve a long-term, sustainable and fair solution to the mud-flow disaster through community, corporate and government engagement, restoring the welfare and quality of life of the people of Sidoarjo and rehabilitating the surrounding environment.

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